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Auto Accident Injuries

Hurt or injured in an Auto Accident? We can help! Auto accident insurance pays for chiropractic care. We will get you back to work quickly, and we can file the insurance of the Liable Party. We also can make referrals to Attorneys, Medical Doctors, Specialists, and Imaging Facilities. We have helped thousands of patients injured in auto accidents.
Man suffering from neck pain - Decompression Therapy in Easley SC


Hands-On Chiropractic Care (Diversified Adjusting)

Dr. Bocchino is a "hands-on" chiropractor. This means that he utilizes his hands for a majority of the manipulations he performs. The techniques he utilizes include: diversified adjusting, flexion/distraction, Thompson Drop, and Activator technique. He also utilizes massage/trigger point therapy on most patients. We also offer physical therapy modalities which include: traction, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, intersegmental/roller table, moist heat and rehabilitative exercise. All treatments are non-invasive and are designed to properly align the body's musculoskeletal structure. This restores mobility to joints. This is a safe and effective method. Chiropractic care treats spinal injuries, falls, joint and muscle pain, hip and knee pain, neck and back pain, and other misaligned joints.
Doctor showing a part of a spine - Decompression Therapy in Easley SC



Diagnostic X-Ray and Interpretation. This is an on site service.
Patient X-rays - Decompression Therapy in Easley SC


Nutritional Therapy

The office offers many different nutritional supplements to complement your chiropractic care. These supplements include pain relieving lotions and gels such as Biofreeze. We also offer immune support and anti-bacterial/viral remedies utilizing colloidal silver. Intestinal health is extremely important for your entire body function. Dr. Bocchino is a big advocate of probiotic use and we offer these in the office. We also offer magnesium supplements for those experiencing deficiencies. Those patients experiencing cramping/spasms may need magnesium. We have access to MANY other products that Dr. Bocchino utilizes in his treatment of patients. Ask Dr. Bocchino for more information.
Nutritional supplements and therapy - Decompression Therapy in Easley SC


Decompression Therapy

This non-surgical, non-invasive method is used to treat bulging/herniated discs.
Decompression therapy - Chiropractic Care in Easley SC

Insurance Accepted and Filed For You

Chiropractic Family Physicians accepts assignment on MOST Health Insurance companies. We will check your health insurance benefits prior to your visit and give you an estimate of what your cost will be. We are contracted with many insurance companies. Call us for more information.
BlueCross Insurance Provider - Auto Accident Injuries in Easley, SC
United Healthcare Insurance Provider - Auto Accident Injuries in Easley, SC
Aetna Insurance Provider - Auto Accident Injuries in Easley, SC
Cigna Insurance Provider - Auto Accident Injuries in Easley, SC